From TICNUX work to offer the best computer services for businesses. We turn to get the best solution, with special focus to do the problems from the standpoint of free software. We have developed a range of services that allow us to deal with any related project the TIC ( Information Technology and Communication ).


Network Design and Configuration :

We prepare the local network design, incorporating network components needed to avoid bottlenecks. La conexión entre las redes de diferentes sedes de la empresa se vuelve transparente para el usuario.


Installation and configuration of servers with Linux :

Perform installation and configuration of servers required for the proper functioning of the systems.


Software development and web pages

Custom application programming under licenses that ensure freedom and client software.Customization of free applications already developed, to fit 100% to customer needs.


Support and maintenance :

Provide support to customers on custom-developed applications and lasaplicaciones from other developers, but tailored to the needs of customers. Perform preventive maintenance and repair of systems funcionancon free software.


Solutions of VozIP:

Telephone PBX solutions offer voice-over IP. Integration of VozIP with software solutions for managing customer relationships (CRM).


Process migration to free software :

Feasibility study, planning and procurement of replacement of initially computing infrastructure based on proprietary software with free software equivalent functionality and features.


Network Security :

Implementation of services related to network security, such as firewalls or firewalls, virtual private networks (VPN) systems or network monitoring and limiting the use of the bandwidth of Internet laconexión hired by the company.


Virtualization systems :

Develop systems that allow better use virtualization of hardware resources, reducing the burden of managing and maintaining a menorcoste. Such systems provide a business continuity more than the traditional models.