TICNUX releases a Twitter conversations module for SugarCRM  

Valencia, Spain - TICNUX announces the Twitnux release, a new SugarCRM module to organize Twitter conversations held with customers and contacts. This new module symplifies the monitoring of business processes in a relevant social network as Twitter. Until now Twitter conversations were lost in the ocean of information, we exchanged messages that were lost in the bottom of the timeline which made it difficult to access the older tweets. With Twitnux the conversations are organized and linked to each contact / account / lead, and through the detailed view you will now be able to read all the interactions (mentions, replies and retweets). This ensures the management of every comment from customers, regardless their origin (meetings, calls, Twitter, etc).


Ticnux organizes the CRM day in Valencia 2011  

On Tuesday September 20 will take place the 1st CRM Day Valencia, who have the support and sponsorship of SugarCRM, Ticnux, IBM and LITEBI. The event will take place in the conference room of the Yellow Cube Polytechnic City of Innovation, located at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

This is a free event. Simply register (places will be allocated in order of registration).



SugarCRM Spring 2011, the new version 6.2 of SugarCRM  

With the arrival of June 2011, SugarCRM announced the availability of version 6.2 of its solution for managing customer relationships. The main features have been maintained, the CRM is made ​​simple, flexible and intuitive, it is an open source solution that solves many organizational problems and help improve the sales process.

With the launch of the new version of SugarCRM also announced the availability of two new versions: Corporate and Ultimate.


Webinar on analytical CRM and SugarCRM LiteBI  

On Tuesday March 15, 2011 we have prepared a webinar or web seminar where we discuss the most important aspects of integration of CRM with business intelligence application.For the examples we use SugarCRM and LiteBI two leading tools in their respective fields in CRM SugarCRM open source, and LiteBI in SaaS business intelligence applications.