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The best solution

Soluciones con Linux, SugarCRM y más software libre

To provide solutions you need to know directly the problem. We have become technology partners with involvement and that our customers will improve. Because the success of our customers is our success. We use the best business tools available in the free software world(Linux, SugarCRM, Joomla, Asterisk, etc), always obtaining an optimal solution and robust.

Free Software

Especialistas del software libre en Valencia

Free software provides greater reliability, flexibility, robustness, security, independence and uses standard technology. Taking advantage of this new trend and the experience of more than ten years in the free software, both in the fields of public and private company, we provide our customers the benefits that free software can offer anyone, and by extension, the potential benefit for companies using free software and open source.

At your service

Soporte Linux y mantenimiento informático en Valencia Our highest priority is our clients only care about their business.We take care of the IT infrastructure . We monitor the systems, preventive action, we can cater incidents remotely and we move to solve any problem that requires. We understand that each client is different, and we offer fully customized services.



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